G.C.E. - the abbreviation for the General Certificate of Education – is a British academic diploma, internationally recognized, valid for an unlimited period and accepted as evidence of academic ability for admission to Universities, Colleges and many other academic Institutions. It comprises of many different courses that cover the entire spectrum of branches and specializations that a prospective student chooses to follow and, depending on their level, are divided into A-Level (Ordinary Level), AS-Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) and A- Level (Advanced Level). In order to be admitted to British universities, candidates should normally pass G.C.E. exams for three A-Level courses as well as exams in English language (English O-Level), achieving the score requested by the universities in which they are interested.
The GCE courses exam material, which it should be noted that they cover very wide range of branches and specialties, is prepared and examined by various British educational Organizations (Boards), such as for example Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Associated Examining Board (AEB), Edexcel etc. The G.C.E. tests in the various courses are corresponding to the examinations for admission to higher education; especially in England they are prerequisite for admission to Universities. They are held in all states, on the same days and hours with the same subjects, twice a year, e.g. every June and November, at examination centres in Britain and at authorized - by the respective Boards- examination centres outside England. C.A.S.E. has been operating since 1998 as an educational centre and authorized Exam centre of the University of Cambridge CIE. C.A.S.E. facilities and equipment are appropriate and approved for correct and complete teaching and training of its students. It is important to emphasize that the final examinations are held at the same facilities. The regular monitoring by the University of Cambridge of the way of carrying out the exams and the excellent reports resulting from such monitoring each time are a guarantee of the positive outcome that C.A.S.E. can provide.